astrology, diamonds and india

Astrology, India and Diamonds


is a country of enormous spiritual depth, it changes many perceptions in a person.  


Indians love astrology, negotiating a business deal and of course buying gold and jewelry.   India is the world's biggest astrology market.  But as importantly, India was the first country to discover diamonds in the 4th Century BC.  In fact, right up until the 18th Century, India was the only known source of diamonds in the world until new deposits were found in Brazil.


The majority of diamonds mined in India were traded originally along the Silk Road to China and then beyond into Europe.  The fact that diamonds were a common medicinal treatment for illness until it killed a Pope who ingested one of these sparkling concoctions and promptly passed away.


When I look back at all the astrologers I saw over my life (and I saw a few I can tell you), I was looking for my way through life.  When any of us look back over our lives we will find an event, place or person who changed our life and the way we will see things moving forward.  India was such a place for me.  I learnt to look within, listen and reflect.  That was my path to a better life. And the real beginning of my story.  


I want to share this gorgeous little film by Canadian film maker Joshua Morin, it perfectly portrays all the spiritual riches that India has to offer if you haven't been there.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.