my love affair with astrology

As I share my musings, you will see and understand how the Stars helped define me and how they may shape your choices in life.  


I arrived in Dubai from Australia in 2006,  realizing little I was coming to the region where astrology first began.   I had no clue that the locals were out in the desert plotting the moon and stars for more than just Ramadan and Eid but devising what we first know as the zodiac around 5000 years ago.   Astrology was a domain for male scholars, Philosophers, Mathematicians and Astronomers.  In fact for centuries these Astrologers would consult the Kings and Queens on matters of political importance and their personal lives.  

Ephemeristics Summer

Back in 1984 I lived in a gorgeous old Edwardian villa in South Australia with housemates, one of whom was a very glamorous woman. Naturally, like any young woman before social media and relying only on the Woman's Weekly, I wanted to be her, she owned fabulous clothes, LIVED in the highest of stilettos, her hair was always 'done', and she had a much younger handsome husband from Europe!  She was so Hollywood.  She seemed to know about 'life' and people and how it all works.  She was into astrology.


The first popular astrological book (and New York Times bestseller in 1970s) was called Linda Goodman's Love Signs.  This woman owned a copy.  It was THE astrological bible, of course I had to have one.  I took this book everywhere with me so I could dispense advice on love to anyone who would listen.  I would pour over characteristics of the men and the women for each zodiac and how they differed and how they matched as a couple.  Most excitingly, I could predict how any 'potential' love interest and I could be TOGETHER (in my dreams).  


But then ... imagine finding out that no one person is just their Star Sign, an Aries, a Virgo, an Aquarius.   We are all a mix of signs that define in more detail our personalities.  


Our outward appearance and health can be strongly influenced by our Ascendent  (the sun was rising in when we were born), the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and my personal favorite, Uranus which rules the unexpected.   Uranus also neatly defines what Ephemeristics is about - technology, originality, individuality.


I believe owning your personality and making the most of what your have is more important than predicting your future.  Create and manifest your future with your natural characteristics and good fortune.  Own your power as a woman.  Be unique.  


I strongly believe in the power of diamonds.  They are known for their quick results.   I wear them every single day, mixing and matching according to my mood.  


After you pop on your signature fragrance, diamonds will always bolster your confidence.   Wouldn't you agree it's nice to feel such powerful femininity as you go about your day?