the dawning of aquarius


Did you ever see the multi Tony Award winning Broadway the hit "Hair"?   When you live in Dubai we become rather sensitized to confronting musicals such as this one I saw playing in New York a few years back.  What is also extraordinary is the fact I ended up on the stage singing the final song of the show with the cast and anyone else who was feeling the love that night.   Ah, the liberation! 


"Hair" hippies reflected the freedom of sexual expression and experimentation, equality and discrimination.  It was about making the world great again by bringing the people together.  It was all there in that one musical, all the uncomfortable truths;  the religion, illegal drugs, long hair and global awareness and easy to remember songs. So where did it all really start?

Millennial Hippes


In 2000AD as far as astrology goes, we finally left the Age of Pisces.  It was during this time Christ was born and the world saw a huge growth in Christianity (and like Pisces, Christianity is represented by the Fish you will see sometimes on the back of cars).   The Age of Pisces was about love, compassion, understanding, self-sacrifice, belief systems were important.   However, with it came the dark side of human emotions - manipulation, secrets, betrayals and treachery.  These cycles take 25,868 years to complete, or around 2000 years for each 'Age', I probably will give Age of Capricorn a miss.


So here we are in the Aquarius,  the Age of scientific proof it rules, global influencers, flight, invention, technology and vision.  Aquarius' role is to remove the outdated and replace it with something better, challenging structures, hierarchy and learning on a much larger scale.   The world will continue to become smaller and smaller whilst technology will quickly bring to us new lifestyle options with far reaching and lasting effects for everyone.  Consider how fast smart phone technology is changing as an example.


This is the age of individualism, innovation and customization and "Hair" challenged change on a creative platform.   It was a play that was rejected on so many occasions due to its controversial content, but fifty years later it reminds us of a rare and unimagined glimpse into our future with issues still relevant today.  


With the 'moon in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligned with Mars', it really was and is now the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.