modern millennials guide to diamonds

Diamonds traditionally signify celebration.   Every diamond should be about you and what it took to get you where you are today.  Diamonds are best worn around the ears and face as they bring clarity to our mind (and a sparkle to our eyes).   In the Middle Ages, superstition suggested when a beautiful woman wore diamonds around her face and neck it would divert any evil intent away! 


Diamonds also are reputed to bring fast decisions, a quick yes or no, usually within 30 days according to folklore (hmmmm I'm up for that).   No wonder men were running around looking for the most beautiful diamond they could find for their beloved.


Fashionistas will tell you that adding investment jewelry such as diamonds or pearls when building your capsule wardrobe will transcend every occasion.   Diamond studs are the most classic as it gives every outfit understated elegance and we don't need to worry about what colors we need to match them with!  In my case it's usually black. They also go with every hair color and skin type which is a bonus.


There is nothing like going to bed dressed in diamonds, silk and fragrance.  But as true fashion dictates, one should always remove one thing so as not to be overdressed and it shouldn't be the diamonds or fragrance...


When you need a little more love in your life why not wear Venus, representing the planet of beauty and romance in your left ear, which research shows to be the route to the emotional side of our brain and Mars, planet of passion, sex and energy in your left ear ruling logic.   Or add the intuition of the Moon or good fortune of Jupiter for extra oomph.


All our planets nicely balance one another with meaning depending on what you want or how you feel.    It is well known that where our mind goes action follows...


So from this Leo Rising, Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon I wish you a sparkling day.