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Our Ephemeris holds so many secrets, things only usually a Therapist knows!   It determines our unique characteristics based on our place, time and date of birth and the choices we make or situations we naturally gravitate toward.     


Our Ascendant or Rising Sign is an important part of our makeup.   It is known as our 'party face'.  Found on the centre line of your chart (left side),  the First House excitingly unfolds our destiny and outlines our personality as it appears to others and is ruled by Aries ('I am').      


Your Rising Sign can be found on your astrological chart on the centre line on the left (it shows you the sign which was rising in the East the moment you were born) and reflects your personal appearance and how you like to express yourself.   It is one of the three primary signs determining your personality along with the Sun (Rational Mind) and Moon (Emotions).   


Click below to find out your Rising Sign (ascendant) and always be sure to read both your Sun Sign and Rising Sign when looking at your monthly horoscope.   It's easy to get a handle on what someones Ascendant is just by judging their character.    I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said "guess my star sign".   Well I could probably more accurately guess their Rising Sign when we first meet.


A Libra Sun Sign with an Aries Rising will present as beautifully feminine, likely wear a sexy dress that shows off her body (in the fire colors no doubt), she adores high heels and loves  'wow' lipstick.  Find her on the dance floor.    A Libra would normally be more inclined to wear elegant flowing fabrics, loves cooler colors and can be found having some very intelligent conversation with any number of suitors.   


A Virgo with an Aquarius Rising gives women a very clean, crisp fashion- forward look favoring whites and creams and deep into a one on one in-depth conversation.


My Cancer Sun Sign prefers something feminine but relaxed, a floaty top and distressed jeans or a little beige linen dress always feels right with a pair of designer flats.   I love being in the kitchen.    At night I prefer to sparkle and shine in metallic fabrics, with high heels and my hair out.  I love a good social event and I especially love being on stage.   Food is the very last thing I think about, I'm more likely to be looking for a glass of champagne!   You will have guessed correctly if you think I'm a Leo Rising.    


Take a look at your favorite photo.  What are you wearing?  If you asked someone to pick your zodiac sign by that photo, would it be your either your Rising Sun or Sun Sign, or a combination of both?   Then ask your friends to pick your Rising Sign (they may know your Sun Sign from your birthday already).  It's fun to do and a great way to see how others see you.


Check out for some great fashion ideas to fit your personality type especially if you are planning a new wardrobe or ideas for 2018 to be a more authentic version of you and if you don't know your Ascendant, you can find it here on the calculator below.    Welcome to another version of you!

Kirstyn Lewis