Why Personality Profile with Ephemeristics?

Each one of us is born with a blueprint and the secrets that lay within will accurately identify our key personality traits.   It shows us our true life path and natural ability to attract fame, fortune, love, friends, and finances.  Should clients choose to develop their natural talents or exceptional abilities,  I guarantee they will find the fastest way to harness happiness and success.

Individuals and companies can easily benefit from Ephemeristics because it quickly and accurately identifies their true ability and any potential areas of difficulty that may need to be worked through.  It's the fastest path to to a career or relationship that just 'feels right'. 

HR companies have been charging for psychometric tests that can take four hours and cost thousands, I was once such client in a past corporate role.   I can achieved the same result in less than an hour for a tenth of the cost, with only a time, date and place of birth using the Ephemeris.

I recommend using the tarot as an addendum to the Ephemeris, at the deepest level, it clearly lays the foundation for awareness and change that so many people seek.  The rest is up to you.