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It is our non-negotiable policy to ethically source our diamonds from conflict free zones and from our gold and diamond workshop in Dubai, our carefully selected team handcraft every item only for you.     

Ep♅emeristics comes from the 'characteristics of the Ephemeris', the original table that defined the planetary movements of the stars cast originally by Middle Eastern mathematicians, astronomers and philosophers and comes from the Latin word 'diary'.

We naturally provide a diamond authenticity certificate for all our jewels. 

 Diamond pendant Ephemeristics

18K gold and brilliant F-G Vs/SI diamonds


Our craftsmen patiently created wax castings before fashioning your 18 carat white, yellow or rose gold with drills, lathes, files, cutters and pliers, the delicate work of jewelry making has been a skill for the last 5,000 years and was, like the ephemeris, first learned in Mesopotamia.

Ep♅emeristics choose only F-G Vs/si grade for their purity and brilliance.  There is exceptional demand in the Middle East by wealthy Arabs seeking only the best stones making Dubai one of the three top trading hubs in the world, particularly for gold and diamonds.  

Diamonds are well known for their quick results. Ask any man.

The clearer the diamond in color, the more she will reflect her spectrum of color.


The story behind the tradition of receiving

Diamonds are a very spiritual stone symbolizing perfection and clarity.  They are known to illuminate the mind and are associated with creativity, imagination, clairvoyance and psychic development when worn around the head and neckline.   

Ancient tradition dictated that diamonds, gold and semi-precious stones in intricate designs signified financial security and lifted a woman’s status in the community, much like today!

As the most powerful precious stone, diamonds are renowned for their quick results which is why in the past men have always traditionally offered diamonds when asking for a woman's hand in marriage.



 Ephemeristics diamond jewelry store

the 4 c's

We all know about the three C’s of diamonds – cut, carat, color and clarity.   The fourth 'C' will affect the diamond as much as the other three.    A clean diamond will catch the light and create the ‘fire’.    


Remember dirt, grease, oil from your hands will interfere with the stones brilliance and reduce its luster.   Make sure you treat your diamonds with care and clean them regularly and at least twice a year by a professional (usually for free at your local jewelers).