The way we find balance in our lives and in our hearts is through nature, what we feed our bodies and how we treat them.   Keep it simple and practice it often.  It's the first step in moving toward greater health and infinite happiness.  

Try to respect your mind and body with fresh air, sunlight, exercise and a natural diet. 

Be disciplined with small changes made regularly for long term effectiveness.  Eliminate sugar, cut down on coffee, walk, make your own signature museli, pesto or soup.  Buy a Nutribullet!

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The simplest way to calm the mind and body is by being in and around nature.   Living energy flows through all of us, trees, plants, animals, insects, the sun, the moon.  We are all interconnected.      

Positive ions (found predominantly in the cities and towns, think concrete, traffic, office environments) have demonstrated a negative health effect on our bodies when exposed in excess.   Affecting our immune system and respiratory tract, it may also contribute to feelings of tiredness, tension, anxiety, irritability and depression. 

Negative ions however are found in abundance where you find the purest air to breathe, in the countryside, in forests, by streams, waterfalls, the ocean and in the mountains.  These have the opposite effect on your health, mood and energy levels.   When combined by the rays of sunshine, it is particularly beneficial for those suffering ill health.   

As little as thirty minutes will significantly elevate your mood, a day or a week will see a total transformation in your outlook and attitude.   

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I have always subscribed to a very simple eating plan.   Graze, eat fresh food, eat mainly plants, eat colour, leave slightly hungry and satiate the rest with water.   

Prepare most of your meals at home.   You will know exactly what goes into them - more love, less sugar, less salt, less additives.   

My family and I use the 'Chakra Diet' in times of illness, it's simple and  very effective.  

Nature provides everything we need to cure common ailments, preserve muscle mass, protect against chronic diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular disease. 

Consider also the reduction of acid-containing foods, such as sugar, alcohol and red meat.  Moderation is the first step to a longer term objective.

Conversely increase the intake of more alkaline minerals to support repair and regeneration of our cells and skeletal system.   

Following a predominantly plant based diet is the simplest method to achieve a rebalance.  You will soon find you become fuller on less food.

Try medicinal and natural painkillers and products where possible that are quickly broken down and eliminated without residual.    

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Just do it.   Something.   Every day.   Get your heart rate up, pump that blood around, breathe deeply and refresh the mind and get your system working.  Bodies were born to move.

Do what suits you in an environment that makes you happy.  

Where possible exercise in nature and your body and mind will thank you.   Being outside is more likely to dissolve our daily stress and anxieties, our bodies and minds become happier and healthier.    You will crave simple, fresh and nutritious foods to refuel your system.   Your eyes will be brighter, your skin clearer and your sex life will improve.