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Kirstyn LEWIS


I am a New Zealand born Australian who moved from Sydney to live in Dubai in 2007 after stints in Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona and lots of travel in between.  As a Cancer Sun and Leo Rising having a nice home to live and work in is important to me, surrounded by things I love.  

My Taurus Moon has given me the gift of discipline. I practice yoga or pilates for 15-30 minutes most days.  In winter I prefer an early morning ride (and sometimes race) on my Arabian horse through the desert.   I enjoy my morning coffee reading BBC News and scrolling through Instagram.  

I believe it is important to have time out just for yourself enjoying the things you love to do.  My lifestyle choices are important to me, they reflect my individuality.

I created this company because not only do I love wearing diamonds but I also love astrology and together they so much more meaningful.  Without a doubt, they empower me.   They definitely make getting dressed easier as they work equally well with jeans or an evening gown and everything in between.  I wear them every day including to the beach or by the pool!

My Virgo Mars will always ensure I am passionate about creating something beautiful with meaning for you. I am positive you will fall in love over and over with our jewelry.  





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