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The spiritual journey is a long one.  It can be lonely and often confusing.   It is also the most rewarding and most humbling when we open our eyes to our own life's purpose.

I have for many years travelled extensively around the world seeking and sitting with the gifted, bohemian and holy;  investing significant amounts of time in mysticism, mindfulness and a deeper understanding of humanity.    Through many cultures I have found the diversity of psychic practice yields the same result for the truly talented, regardless of location and their inability to travel outside their village or on occasion, even speak English.   

It really has been extraordinary lesson in metaphysical energy and healing.

As a New Zealand born Australian, I have lived in Auckland, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona.   I had spent a career looking for my societal place in commerce, media and entertainment, sport and real estate.  The realm of work I yearned for was in helping to heal others through the flow and my understanding of personal energy and Universal synchronicity.  I always gravitate to a more minimalist and simplistic life surrounded by greenery wherever possible for my 'flow'.

As a Cancer Sun and Leo Rising with a Taurus Moon, I have the gift of warmth, sensitivity, discipline and a hands-on approach to life.  A Grand Trine in Water strongly illuminates my gift in psychic ability that needs to be shared.  

My Virgo Mars will always ensure I am passionate about guiding you on your journey in the most helpful, productive and healthy way.  I am positive you will find your right road again toward transformation, authenticity and understanding. 

I encourage my clients to 'let life happen' after readings, because life has a funny way of playing out just as it was meant to (for the best) without forcing a result.

Your future is waiting.





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